Olduvai Gorge


Olduvai Gorge


The Olduvai Gorge of the Serengeti Plain of Tanzania is a region where the most tangible scientific facts about where mankind comes from and where it spreads from the earth are discovered.
And this place has a functioning energy.
When I looked at the Olduvai Valley, where the first human fossils were found, I was completely blown away.
The scenery is very ordinary. A hilltop dug by an anthropologist and a valley that stretches forever.
But this is not the scene that excites people. To be looking at us, the place where everything belongs to the present owners of this planet begins.
How many people did it?
30-40, maybe more.
Everything started here.
They fought against the natural conditions.
They resisted wild animals.
They killed, they killed.
But they were able to continue living.
Everything that started here.
And no one knows where to put it …


I heard Olduvai before he came to Tanzania.
Olduvai, the oldest remains of human race, was the Kaaba of the world anthropologists.

My guide Mahmudu made me very hard to come here.
Because I am sure I will see the landscape, an ordinary museum and the Tanzanian peasants who imitated the Massai at the museum gate and tried to cut money from tourists.

When I got to the beginning of the Olduvai Valley I saw my rough estimates.
The villagers wanted the money to wrap around and take photographs.
I barely changed everything in the Olduvai Gorge Museum.
The museum, as I have guessed, is a sham, but the artifacts in it are inspiring enough to turn a person’s head.
The skull standing in front of you, Dr. It was discovered by Louis Laekey and his wife in 1959 and is the oldest piece of this human race.
Full 1.8 million years …


When I move a little further, I look at the footprints in the solidified ash of three people who lived 3.5 million years ago.
Footprints probably belong to a family of men, women and children.
This is the oldest residue of humanity in the world.
There are plenty of plants, animals and human fossils discovered in the excavations made up to today in Olduvai.
The area was designated as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1974. However, due to security weaknesses in the excavation areas, the finds in the valley are damaged.
In the excavation areas, you can see the curious tourists who go to the area and search for the finds that the Massai have grazed their animals.

I understand better when Mahmoudi’s insult is back to Arusha.
Because this two-hour unplanned trip is the most memorable part of my African adventure.
I leave here with a strange sense of completeness …


Olduvai Valley is located in the western part of Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border. The valley is about 70 km north of the famous Ngorongoro Crater.
The easiest way to reach the area is to use Kilimanjaro Airport.
Just 20 minutes from the airport, safari, Kilimanjaro climbing and Arusha Town, which is the base for such cultural visits.
In Arusha, you can find clean accommodation, guides and vehicles for Olduvai trip.
It is possible to visit the Olduvai Region in four hours with the vehicle to be rented. If the guide can be persuaded, it is possible to get to Olduvai after a short safari in Ngorongoro Crater.
Just an hour from Ngorongoro and Olduvai.
All seasons of the year can be visited. However, the temperature is the most reasonable April and May months.


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