Serengeti, Manyara, Ngorongoro and Masai District

  Serengeti, Manyara, Ngorongoro and Masai District   A trip to Africa without any safari plans is considered incomplete. Although the reason we came to the African Continent was climbing, we did not want to leave ourselves missing from tha safari privilenge. Right after the Kilimanjaro climb, we start the Safari organizations with great enthusiasm. We learn that Kennedy, whom we were pleased with during the Kilimanjaro climb, also organizes Safari organizations and we agree with Kennedy for the safari tour. Kennedy asks 375 dollars per person for 5 days… Read More

Olduvai Gorge

  Olduvai Gorge   The Olduvai Gorge of the Serengeti Plain of Tanzania is a region where the most tangible scientific facts about where mankind comes from and where it spreads from the earth are discovered. And this place has a functioning energy. When I looked at the Olduvai Valley, where the first human fossils were found, I was completely blown away. The scenery is very ordinary. A hilltop dug by an anthropologist and a valley that stretches forever. But this is not the scene that excites people. To be… Read More

Pico De Aneto

** Pico de Aneto is within the borders of Spain and the highest mountain of the Pyrenees. It’s located in the Huesca region at the border of France. Height 3404 meters. ** Pico De Aneto is accessible from Barcelona or from Tolousse, France. ** A direct flight of 3.5 hours from Istanbul to Barcelona is available. I arrived in Barcelona via Lufthansa in Munich for 6 hours. ** First of all you need to reach Sants Estacio Street by bus from Barcelona Airport. Sants Estacio has a bus terminal right… Read More