Pico De Aneto

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Pico De Aneto ** Pico de Aneto is within the borders of Spain and the highest mountain of the Pyrenees. It’s located in the Huesca region at the border of France. Height 3404 meters. ** Pico De Aneto is accessible from Barcelona or from Tolousse, France. ** A direct flight of 3.5 hours from Istanbul to Barcelona is available. I arrived in Barcelona via Lufthansa in Munich for 6 hours. ** First of all you need to reach Sants Estacio Street by bus from Barcelona Airport. Sants Estacio has a… Read More

Mount Kenya, Lenena

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Mount Kenya, Lenena After ten negative stories we heard about the Kenyans and Nairobi, the tension we experienced at the border crossing was further enhanced by the attitude of the officials. The border police who learned we were Turkish kept us waiting for half an hour. Our passports are on the table table. The files come out of the three-door gates and we are finally convinced that we are climbers, not agents, and we can barely pass from the border. Nairobi After 3 hours, we reach Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.… Read More

Mont Blanc

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Mont Blanc Important note! : Regarding Mont Blanc Mountain; – Transportation to the area, – Detailed information on the starting point of the climb of Chamonix Village, – Accommodation, – Guide to Mont Blanc climbing, -You can find it on the link in the Chamonix Township post. Chamonix Village -The first step in climbing Mont Blanc is reaching St Gervais with a 40 minutes train ride from Chamonix Town. The train price 4.5 euros. This journey can also be done by bus. -From St Gervais, a 40 minutes ‘Tramway Du Mont Blanc’… Read More