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Kilimanjaro -Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which we sponsored by United Colors of Benetton, constituted the most important part of our 22-day African tour. -The team consisting of five people, Cenk Ertekin, cameraman Aliço Güzelbeyoğlu, Dr. Tunç Tiryaki, Mimar Sinan University Mountaineering Club members Ziya Çobanoğlu and Cenk Sağman. Transportation -With a flight from Istanbul to Muscat and Bahrain, Tanzania’s most advanced city, Dar Es Salaam, is reached. It took us 1.5 days to reach Tanzania on these terms. -In the years when we made our climb, there was no airport at… Read More

Bavarian Alps

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Bavarian Alps -Munich Airport – 10.5 euros and 35 minutes by bus from Munich train station Houptbahnof. Garmish-Partenkirchen Village -Train journey from Munich Houptbahnof to Garmish Partenkirchen Town is 1.5 hours and price 18 Euros. -Bavaria is a state on the southeastern border of Germany. -The Bavarian Alps are located in the southern part of the state. -Bavaria’s largest city is Munich. Munich is Germany’s third largest city. Other major cities of Bavaria are Nuremberg, Ausburg and Regensburg. -Bavaria consists of high plateaus and medium height mountains. People generally deal… Read More

Chamonix Village

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Chamonix Village -Chamonix Town is a very important location for the climbing community in the world since this is where technical climbing developed in the 1700s. Going to Chamonix town is like a sacred visit for a climber. -Chamonix Town is very close to the borders of France and Switzerland. Using Chamonix as a base, one can climb the following: Mont Blanc – 4807 meters Mont Maudit – 4465 meters Dome du Gouter – 4304 meters Mont Blanc du Tacul – 4248 meters Aiguille du Bionassay – 4052 meters Aiguille… Read More